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I'm bringing Fantomsexy back

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Hey all, this is going to be my first pokemon giveaway since I don’t play it anymore ^_^ The pokemon that are In the giveaway are all shiny pokemon with 6 or 5ivs :)

Rayquaza lvl 100 with 6 ivs,

Suicune lvl 30 with 6ivs,

Entei lvl 30 with 6ivs,

Latios lvl 70 with 5ivs,

Sylveon lvl 50 with 6ivs,

Heatran with 6ivs.

The Rules are:
Reblog this once and you are entered!

Have your inbox open!

Likes do count and give you a additional entry, so a reblog and a like will give you two entries into a random name generator.

You do not have to be following me.

You kind of need either X or Y!
I will use a name generator to determine the winners! There will be 6 winners!
1st place will get 1st choice of pokemon,
2nd place will get 2nd choice of pokemon etc
6th place will get given a pokemon :)
I will announce the winners on the 1st of may :) good luck!